When you let people know where you are,
you also let them know where you’re not.

How to use social media safely?

OK, so you’ve just told your followers that you’re not at home. But did you also know that virtually anyone can read that? Don’t make it easy for burglars!

Think twice about sharing your Foursquare check-ins on Twitter, especially if your tweets are public.

You can make your tweets private by changing your Twitter profile settings.

Turn off geotagging on networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook unless you really need it.

Only accept friend requests on Foursquare from people you actually know.

Potential burglars can easily create false profiles in order to acquire personal information about you.

Never give away your address via public networks.

Think twice about creating a check-in account for your home on Foursquare. And never put photos online that are linked to your home.

Avoid sharing photos of your possessions via social media.

They may well find their way onto some burglar’s wish list.

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